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Bruce Ward posted on 2015-12-15
Excellent web site. Thank you for displaying your spectacular collection.

bojo posted on 2014-11-01
No, I don\'t Phillip but check out Esoteric Sound. They certainly will have that.

Phillip Gjervold posted on 2014-08-12
Do you have a Thorens turntable or something that plays 45\'s in stock that can be shipped to Minnesota?

Erich Groebe posted on 2012-12-30
Super website! I have often wanted to find and view high quality photos of asssorted early phonographs. Photos from from several angles is even better. I especially like the Edison photos section! Now I don\'t have to go crazy lookingn for a super nice photo to show friends what I\'m talking about when I tell them about a particular brand/model. Perhaps...later you might add phptops in the Columbia chapter of The Columbia Q and Model B \"Eagle\"Models? Thank you VERY much for the great resource with excellent pictures!